Can Robot Vacuums Be Utilized in Small Spaces? Three Facts to Know

Robotic vacuum cleaners are convenient equipment. Once set up, it will automatically vacuum your home. However, can robot vacuums be used in small spaces?

Generally, robot vacuums are effective in tiny spaces. These adorable vacuums are a modern and convenient method to decrease household dust, debris, and hair. Use them efficiently in large rooms with limited furniture, but if you have an excessive amount of belongings in a tiny flat, they may not enough.

I will now describe a few key points regarding the use of robot vacuums in tiny places.

I’ve also included some of the greatest robot vacuums that you may find appealing.

Considerations for Using Robot Vacuums in Small Spaces

Several factors must be considered prior to purchasing a robot vacuum for your studio apartment.

Depending on the type of furniture you have, a robot vacuum might either be a wonderful tool or entirely ineffective. So, let’s find out what they’re about.

Robot vacuum cleaners are convenient but not optimal.

Most individuals purchase robot vacuums for their convenience. You configure it once and then forget about it. You return from work to a spotless residence.

According to a 2018 study, robot vacuums are effective, compact, and convenient.

They require little upkeep as well. You configure them once, and that’s it.

You are simply required to occasionally replace the brushes. Or you may wish to utilize a different attachment to clean your hardwood floors.

This is perfectly acceptable if you need to vacuum a huge area. However, do robot vacuums perform effectively in compact spaces?

Few individuals have shared their experiences on Quora. Some claim that robot vacuums are ideal for cleaning small spaces. Others assert that they don’t perform particularly well.

It appears that robot vacuums only remove surface dust. The agreement is therefore that you require a high-quality robot vacuum.

But even if a robot vacuum cannot replace a conventional vacuum, it is still convenient.

Still, vacuuming a partially clean apartment is easier. Or possibly the robot missed simply a few spots that you need to clean.

If you desire the convenience of a robot vacuum cleaner, purchase one. And having a pet makes it much better. Robot vacuums are capable of collecting pet hair.

You will still have to vacuum

While the concept of a robot doing your housework is appealing, you will still need to vacuum regularly.

Consumer Reports compared a robot vacuum against a manual upright vacuum. The upright vacuum collected far more dust and debris.

However, the robot vacuum also cleaned. Therefore, even if it only vacuums half as much, you have less work to do.

Create a timetable for your robot vacuum to operate while you are away.

If you previously vacuumed twice each week, you can now vacuum once per week. You will save considerable time. Additionally, your home will be cleaner than ever before.

Consider the Room Layout Prior to Purchasing a Robot Vacuum

Not all little apartments are equal. Others are considerably more suitable for robot vacuums.

For instance, if there is sufficient space under your bed, the robot vacuum can clean the region.

But if your bed is as close to the floor as mine is, the vacuum cleaner cannot clean below it.

Nevertheless, a robot vacuum makes sense if this is your sole issue.

Robot vacuums are most effective when there is minimal furniture and restricted space. Note that nearly no nook or cranny of your room will be cleaned.

Therefore, the more corners you have, the more you must physically vacuum.

If a robot vacuum is your ideal appliance, it only makes sense to optimize your apartment.

In compact houses, space is a precious commodity. Get rid of any unnecessary furniture. Do not place clothing or other objects on the floor.

Additionally, utilize the vertical space in your home. Instead of putting your belongings in odd locations, install shelves to the wall.

I strongly suggest the Amada Wall-Mounted Shelves (available on

They are available in black or white and come in a pack of three for a reasonable price. They are simple to mount and can support 20 pounds (9.07 kg.).

These shelves provide additional space for your robot vacuum to operate.

Make ramps for any obstacles that the robot vacuum needs to traverse. This requires some trial and error, but you will ultimately figure it out.

The rug’s substance is also important. Carpets are typically easier to clean than hardwood flooring.

Low-pile carpets work best for robot vacuums.

Best Robotic Vacuums for Tiny Rooms

No robot vacuum is suitable for a small flat. Some vacuums are too tall and bulky to reach the corners of your cozy space.

Therefore, acquire a vacuum that can reach under your bed and table.

In general, larger robot vacuums are more powerful and efficient than their smaller counterparts.

However, you require the opposite for your use case. Choose the smallest robot vacuum that makes sense and has positive ratings.

Note that some robot vacuums include charging and waste disposal bases. However, their bases require a substantial amount of extra area.

I have selected several of the most effective robot vacuums for tiny spaces. You cannot make a mistake with any of them.

iRobot Roomba 675

It is difficult to discuss robot vacuum cleaners without discussing the iRobot Roomba.

The 675 is among the smaller models available. However, it makes up for its small size with its capabilities.

It eliminates all dirt, lint, and animal hair from carpets and hardwood floors.

It is fitted with sensors to detect filthy areas and provide them additional care. And voice control via Amazon Alexa is supported.

Eufy RoboVac 11S Max

Anker’s hugely successful smart home device brand is Eufy. There are a few high-quality robot vacuums in the RoboVac series.

The 11S Max is no different. A compact robot vacuum ideal for hard surfaces and carpets.

The BoostIQ technology enables it to identify and concentrate on the dirtier areas.

It is a super-slim model, thus it excels at entering tight locations. It can even suction the dirt and dust below your low-rise furniture.

Shark ION AV753 

The AV753 is a portable and sturdy robot vacuum cleaner.

This vacuum robot is compatible with the SharkClean app. Utilize the application to generate a cleaning schedule.

I suggest setting it to clean an hour before you arrive home from work.

The AV753 supports voice commands for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The battery life is approximately 2 hours. That is sufficient time to thoroughly clean your studio apartment.

Final Reflections

Robotic vacuum cleaners are among the most beneficial smart home devices. And with good reason as well.

A robot vacuum can be used in small places, but they are most effective in big, open areas.

Try to maximize the efficiency of your home. Leave as much space as possible on your carpet.

The robot vacuum can nevertheless perform well in confined spaces.

However, mind that you will still need to vacuum sometimes. However, the robot can cut cleaning time and frequency.

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