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Getting started couldn't be easier.

Objective-Clean is available on the Mac App Store today.

App Store Version

You can also get a non-App Store version as well.
This version is ideal for continuous integration, allows for a free trial,
and also opens up the possibility of site license discounts.

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Getting started with Objective-Clean

1. The configuration file

After you take the survey, you can download a configuration file that represents the standards that you selected in the survey. This file is critical to applying your standards in Xcode. You can also choose to download and apply rules that have been chosen by fellow developers.

2. Setting up the app

Once you have downloaded the app, initial setup is quite easy. To get up and running, you first need to make sure the configuration file is in your project directory next to your .xcodeproj file (or below). Then, select the .xcodeproj file in the Mac app and we will add the necessary run script to your project for you. Due to the nature of the sandbox, you NEED to do this separately for every project you want to scan.

3. The Run Script

Once you press the Install Run Script button, you are all done! We move all of the necessary components into place and add (or update) a run script build phase to your project for you. Just build and run your project and you will be good to go.

4. Tweaking the results

If you don't specify or exclude any class prefixes, our app will evaluate ALL .h/.m files in your project directory. That may be overkill so we recommend testing by prefixes. Also, due to app sandbox policies, you will need to confirm the location of the project directory the first time you run the script. After you confirm, it won't ask you again. If there are more tests you want added, send us an email! We would love to hear from you.

Save money by getting a site license

Thanks for your interest in using Objective-Clean. With the release of the non-Mac App Store version of our tool, you can now purchase a site license that allows you to use Objective-Clean on any computer at a site, or at multiple sites with a multi-site license. Each license will be entitled to receive the same updates that the MAS version will receive. Below is the pricing structure for site licenses:

  • Site License (any number of users at a single location): $150.00 (US)
  • Multi-Site License (any number of users at any number of locations): $250.00 (US)

To purchase a site license, please send us a payment via PayPal to our account at We reserve the right to suspend the license if we discover that the terms of the license are being abused. In order to use a site license, download the free version of Objective-Clean and paste the license ID into the activation field when prompted. Thank you!