Specialized flash Review

Specialized flash Review


The Specialized Use Of The Acekard 2i Č The Acekard 2i is recognized to be one of the more modern NDS flash card slots. The original Acekard has been in the market for quite some time now but the Acekard 2i, which is comparable with the iEdge card, has been introduced to give diehard Nintendo DS users a longer card life.


The production of the card has been outsourced to different locations all over the world. Every Acekard 2i will have the same basic specs. Six hundred million cards are produced every month. The Acekard 2i holds fifty GB of data which can be compatible with the DS, acting as a filer of data access. With this connection, one can use the card to play games and view movies. The Acekard 2i card is Micro SD format and features the complete arsenal of EZ flash memory. The Acekard 2i supports high memory Micro SD card, gaming features and more than one million games.


The Acekard 2i supports high memory Micro SD card, gaming features and more than one million games.


This NDS card has been distributed in Japan only and regions like Korea, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, mainland and Taiwan. The reason for its limited distribution is likely its manufacturers aware of the high demand for this device in their respective home region.


Acekard 2i gets powered up with the game Micro SDHC card. This is a feature of the EZ flash memory card and it can be used in all consoles compatible with Micro SD (SDHC) cards. The Acekard 2i also supports the card format of the PC. With the help of the Micro SDHC card, you can use the Nintendo DS. The Acekard 2i displays a indication of the memory usage when you insert a card in the console.


The Acekard 2i supports communication with other NDS cards of various models. That’s not all, this NDS card also receives training from the makers of the DS series. So, you can enjoy maximum playability of your games even if your card is from a different series.

° Features of the Acekard 2i – games, movies and music


The Acekard 2i has a lot of unique features that are worth your attention. The initial feature of the card is its compatibility with the Nintendo DS. The Acekard 2i supports games from the DS and DS Lite along with movies and music. You can see below how the card works.


The card gets powered up with microSD memory card. It also displays information of card usage and goes through the menu to install games or view download. Once installed, you can play your games. The antivirus software of the card is useful and scans your cards for viruses.


It displays picture of various memory cards along with their prices and you can choose the appropriate card as per your requirement. The next feature of the Acekard 2i is its ability to connect to the car’s music system. Here, you can listen to songs and watch movies. The functions of the memory card can be modified to suit your gaming needs in form of different game demos. Once you get this feature, you will not get any problems relating to the memory card.


There are many more NDS cards which are available in the market. One of the most prominent among them is the Imation, which is a sort of combination of both old and new Nunchucks. This Nunchuck features the ability to play music and watch movies and has a built in 4 GB microSD card. This card has a one year warranty. The Acekard 2i also features microSD card slot. This card has a one year warranty.


This Acekard 2i is not a card you will see everyday. This card is best suited for camera situations and has various other features which are more for convenience and entertainment. On account of its many features, the Acekard 2i is best suited for traveling and hibernation needs. A compact and portable portable memory card with large storage space is best for you if you need high performance reliable features. The Acekard 2i is available in 6 different versions. All of them are compatible with 2GB microSD cards. If you wish to buy a card check out the product line available online. This way you will find the best deal and the card that will meet your usage needs.

This product is also popular among movie enthusiasts. The different features and large storage capacity of this card is sure to be a jewel for movie fans. With this card, you can store entire movies and then transfer them to your computer. The movie can be purchased from the iTunes store and then transfer to your computer. A fast and convenient way to transfer movies to your iPad is with the use of iTunes.

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