What is mongo skateboarding

Skateboarding is one of those sports that requires a lot of hard work and patience. It is also the sport with the most terms. You need to know the unique tricks of skateboarding to take part in the community of skateboard enthusiasts quickly. What is mongo skateboarding? Is this term positive or negative? Let’s find out all the information about this term through our article below.

The definition of mongo skateboarding

Mongo skateboarding is pushing with your front foot when you are skateboarding. Therefore, your foot is pretty much in the back of the board. It might seem like it is giving you more speed which it could be. However, it looks terrible. Mongo skateboarding is also called piss pedaling.

When you have started skateboarding, you always want to push with your back foot. We know that mongo skateboarding makes you feel a little bit more comfortable getting on your board. If you learn how to skateboard like that, you are learning how to push twice. The reason is that everyone once you get better at skating, people are thinking that “you are pushing the wrong way”.

You are going to have to go all the way back and learn how to push this way. Remember that do not use mongo skateboarding, aka piss pedaling. We suggest that you should always push with your back foot.

Basic skateboarding moves you need to master

If you want to master the skills in skateboarding, you first need to learn the basic techniques properly.

How to stand

Learning how to stand on a skateboard is a significant first step. It will help you balance the board well so that you can perform the rest of the maneuvers. You can set foot as you see fit or learn from those who have gone before. Place your feet on the skateboard so that they are parallel to the center of the board. Next, you push up and down to check the moving wheel.

Learning how to stand on a skateboard is your first basic lesson.

How to push

If you want to push the board, you must first rotate the supporting leg towards the board’s direction. The other leg will do the work of pushing the board by landing to get the force to push the board forward.

In the first steps, you should move slowly to keep you do not want to fall. After each gain and forward push, take the opportunity to lift your back foot and place it on the curved rear end of the skateboard. Do not push the board with your front foot.

Adjust your body and hands for better balance. While sliding, bend your knees to be able to turn, it helps the board to move easily and not lose balance. At this point, when you master the skateboard, you can speed up and lean forward a little to make the move easier.

How to stop

To stop the skateboard, you can’t stop suddenly. You had better wait for the board to slow down and then slowly put your feet on the ground to stop. Using it when the skateboard is accelerating will cause you to fall and lose control.

Therefore, you should practice gaining momentum so that your feet contact the ground and then slow down. If you want to know more detailed ways to stop on a skateboard, please refer to our next articles.

We have just provided you with valuable information about what is mongo skateboarding. We hope you will better understand how to push the board properly through this article. We also have a lot of helpful articles about skateboard. Don’t miss them.

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