How to install XP online

install XP online – How to install XP online on your XP operating system without the fear of losing your files, etc.


There are many reasons why you would want to install XP on your computer. Bigputers are obsolete in the following years. The best reason to get XP is to remove the old operating system. The thing is that XP cannot be installed on machines that have Service Pack 1. Service Pack 1 is available in Service Pack 2.


When removing an operating system, it is better to do it with caution. While removing an application it is better to ensure that the application is not corrupted. Otherwise it is likely to delete other necessary files. When replacements are required, it is better to install a new copy of the operating system.

There are many sites from where you can download XP online. These sites give the opportunity to download a 32 bit or 64 bit operating system. You need to ensure that you download the genuine copy of XP. However, you can download other operating systems online also.


Those interested in downloading the XP online can go for the following sites:


  • Phingo’s Marketplace


  • XP Linux Specialists


  • FreshANSWER


  • Ultravision


Those interested in downloading the XP online can also surf the Internet. There are many sites that offer different versions of XP. Thus, you can go ahead with the decision that you may require to install XP on your computer.


Those who require higher RAM space can go for the Windows XP x64 disk. This is a 64 bit disk and installed with Microsoft Windows XP. If you are equipped with a 64 bit system then you will have the ability to install XP.


There are still many problems with regard to installing XP on machine. The most common one is regarding lack of RAM space. While boosting the RAM you may face another problem. The XP cannot be installed on machines without sufficient RAM. Also the Windows XP cannot be installed on machines without sufficient CPU (CPU is the part which processes and makes the decision on the internal or external RAM).

While learning about installing XP online you may face many problems. While going to Windows XP website you may come across many products that are labeled as XP. These products are only simulations and don’t work properly.Real XP installation will save you time and hassle. It will also save you money because many products are sold at lower prices in the market.


However, you still need to read reviews of each product before you decide to buy it. Sometimes, a good pair of eyes on software can tell you a lot. You may also check the feedback of such software from the people who have already installed it on their computers. Those who haveested the software will also offer you their feedback about the software.


It is expected that you will a few things to do before you install XP on your computer. First, you need to make sure that your computer documents and settings are backed up. You can do this by logging into your finance or personal computer and do a backup of your personal files.


Next, and this is related to the point above, you need to make sure that you have a good anti-virus software installed. You can do this by logging onto yo ur Windows and do a search for anti-virus software.


After you have found a good anti-virus software, you need to download and install this software onto your computer. Once installation has been completed, you need to update your anti-virus software so that it will be highly effective after has been installed.


This will ensure that your computer will be protected well against unknown viruses, worms, Trojans and rootkits. While these are the most common types of viruses, there are others as well such as spywares and Trojans.


You should also set up a password for your user account. This will enable you to protect your files and data from any unauthorized access.


There are some programs that will allow you to back up your files to an external device. Be aware that these products are not suitable for backing up your important files.


What is important is that you should take your backup program to your local office and transfer the files there. This will broaden the area of people who can access your files robbed of your data.


Besides, you can do many other things. You can take pictures, videos to capture evidence against your competitors or enemies or you can write a manual to attract people to your side. How about using your skills to write a book or a how-to guide?


No matter what path you choose to take, it will take at least a few minutes to a few hours to accomplish. Therefore, you better be careful.

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