How To Ride An Electric Skateboard, All The Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

It might be hard to get on an electric skateboard for the first time. What are some tricks and tips for riding an electric skateboard as well as you can?

It doesn’t have to be hard to ride an electric skateboard. All you need is some practice and time to get used to it. When you get back on your board, use these tips.

  • Put on the right gear.
  • Find your balance and your position.
  • On the front foot
  • Smooth take off and braking
  • Use auto-cruise if you have it
  • Use and be patient

Safety measures and tools

If you don’t pay attention to your speed and the road you’re on, riding an electric skateboard can be dangerous. I can’t say enough about this.

Put on the right safety gear!

This starts with putting on a helmet, which you should do before you even step on the board. If you ever fell off your electric skateboard, you’d want to protect your head first and foremost. Brain damage is no laughing matter, and a concussion can keep you in bed for weeks with nothing to do. Don’t take chances, and keep your head safe. A lot of research has shown that

“Wearing a helmet cuts your chance of getting a serious head injury by up to 70%.”

No need to explain.

Knee, elbow, and shoulder pads are also recommended as safety gear. It keeps you from getting serious road rash and keeps your joints from getting out of place.

Wearing the right shoes is another very important safety tip. When you ride an electric skateboard, shoes protect your feet and toes from possible harm. I suggest you wear flat-soled shoes (nothing with a cushion.) Something like Vans or wrestling shoes is perfect. You have better control of the board when you wear flat shoes instead of shoes with a cushion. Don’t be that guy who rides with no shoes on or in sandals. You’re just asking to see a doctor who specializes in bones and joints.


Stand and Stay in Check

Make sure your stronger foot is the first one on the electric skateboard when you step on it. If you kick with your right foot, put your right foot on the board first and put it on the front of the board.

Most of the turning and controlling will be done with your dominant foot, which is the one in front. Put this foot forward at a 70-degree angle. Many people like to put their front foot at a 90-degree angle, which is called a “goofy stance.” However, I find this to be a stiffer, less comfortable way to stand that makes it harder for me to control the board. You can put your other foot in the middle or back of the board, whichever feels most comfortable.

Make sure you keep a strong stance that doesn’t make the board lean too much to one side or the other. When riding your electric skateboard and making turns, put most of your weight on your front foot. This will help you keep your balance and keep your speed from wobbling.

Watch the video of the poor guy below… He didn’t move his weight forward on the board. Look at how his speed keeps going up and down in horrible ways until he finally crashes. He was lucky he didn’t hit the ground. He also didn’t read this article, or he would have known to wear a helmet and other safety gear.

Once you have the right stance and a good balance on your electric skateboard, it will be very easy to learn how to ride it. Now it’s time to leave the ground!

Start up and stop

Once you have learned how to balance on the board, getting off shouldn’t be too hard.

Choose the speed or gear you want to use. If you’ve never been on an electric skateboard before, you should start with the slowest speed mode and get good at that before going faster.

To start moving faster, slowly push the throttle button on your wireless remote. Once you’ve started to move faster, you should keep going at the same speed. Try to stay away from things in your way and try to turn if you can. From here on out, it’s just practice.

When you’re ready to stop riding, slowly pull back on the throttle. This will make the brakes work. I can’t say enough that you shouldn’t pull it back all at once. If you do this, you’ll fly because the board will stop right away. Break slowly so you can slow the board’s speed gradually.

The same is true for a car. If you’re going 40 mph, you don’t just slam on the brakes as hard as you can. Instead, you ease into it so you can stop completely.


This feature might not be on your electric skateboard, but if it is, use it!

Auto-cruise is just a button on the remote for your board that you press to keep a certain speed. Like the cruise control on your car, you don’t have to keep your foot on the gas. You just have to steer in the right direction and watch out for obstacles. To turn it off, press the auto-cruise button again on your remote. It’s nice to have this feature for long rides that can be tiring. I would recommend an electric skateboard with that feature if you can find one.

One of the few electric skateboards with an autocruise feature is the MaxFind Campus 2.

Practice, practice, practice

Practice is the key to getting better at anything in life. If this is your first time riding, it might be hard for you at first. Remember the tips: keep a solid stance, put your weight on your front foot, wear the right safety gear, and use your throttle and brakes slowly. Don’t worry, just keep going. You might need to be patient, but I know you can learn it quickly.

Electric skateboarding has given me a new way of life and a lot of fun that I didn’t have before. It’s better than walking, for sure. Make sure you learn from your mistakes, and soon you’ll be tearing up the streets! Cheers! And happy gliding!


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